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Get The Tools You Need To Confidently Land Recurring Ideal Clients So You Can Quickly Build a Fully Booked Business

training for photographers!

without working nights and weekends!

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After this course, you'll be able to:

Know all the tools you need to launch and scale a commercial or brand photography business so you can get back to focusing on photography and not wasting time figuring out the business side of things!

Create an action plan for your $10K month based on math, not guesswork.

Convert strangers into eager clients with a simple sales system that DOES NOT rely on a large following, expensive ads, or posting every day.

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meet your educator

I'm Kassady.

I’ll be sharing the tools I’ve used to scale my 6-figure brand photography business with you during the class so we can create a simple game plan for you to get started over the next 45 minutes. Are you ready for that to be you? Here's why I'm confident watching this masterclass will be the best decision you make for your business today…

I’m a business owner, not a guru. 

I work with businesses on a daily basis helping them create library of stunning images to tell their story. I cannot wait to show you how I find clients, close 80% of the leads I get, and the tools every commercial or brand photographer needs to build and scale a successful business.

I’ll also help you figure out if commercial or brand photography is right for you.

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