Close those seventeen open youtube videos. You've found your go to brand photography business resource. 

Professional Photos & Video for Brands

There is a better way.

Are you tired of the way your Instagram feed looks?

Do you get frustrated when can't find the right photo for an ad that's due?

Do you wish your website photos were better?

Are you struggling to reach your ideal audience?

Focus started as a commercial photography company and has grown to include a network of photographers & videographers ready to help your business connect with your audience by creating compelling content.

We Want to Help You Focus:

(pun intended)

your brand

so you can get back to your business and leave the photos up to us.

your time

your marketing

the heart behind

it started with a story.

Hammering the nails into my father’s pharmacy back in 1984 was my first taste of what it’s like to be a business owner. Watching him grow his business from scratch taught me all about hard work and how important it is to focus your efforts during business hours so you can be your most productive, serve your customers well, and still have time to focus on what matters most in life to us - family. 

Your focus might be different, but one thing is for sure, coming up with what to post on social media or being unhappy with the way your business looks online should not consume all of your time and more importantly, you shouldn't have to do it alone. 

I created Focus Creative to be different. Our mission is to help your company tell their story in a more effective way. Through creating a custom library of media content, your business will always have photos that make them look great. More importantly, we help you develop a strategy to reach current and potential customers all while helping you stay on brand with both your images and your words. We understand you've invested in some media already, so we work with what you already have and add on where needed. No need to recreate the wheel as long as you are on-brand and reaching your customers in an effective way. 



years in business


locations & growing



Whether you're just starting your business, have been in it a few years, or have established business with complex marketing campaigns, we can help!

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