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At Focus Creative, we help you create a custom library of professional images and video so you are always ready to show off your business. Many times businesses struggle to find the right picture when they need it. You can’t tell your story with low quality images from your smart phone and stock photos don’t always cut it. Your business deserves better.

Companies constantly need new and great looking content.

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is your marketing full of stock photos that don't really represent your brand?

Can you easily find the right images to use for marketing?

are you tired of using outdated or low quality photos?

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We create an image library of professional photos and curate photos you already have. Plus, you have the opportunity to add new images monthly so you always have fresh content.

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We help you establish a professional style and color palette in line with your brand, so your images always look consistent.

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Focus Creative offers a variety of professional commercial and brand photography including portraits, product photography, food photography, industrial photography, and more. Whether you're a business or personal brand, we bring your business to life with stunning images.

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- Demming Bass, New Marketing Makeover

"Kassady is one of the best photographers I know - and I know a ton having spent 20+ years as a marketing and branding executive. There are just some photographers - like designers - that have “it” and she does. Hire her and you won’t be disappointed."

“Hire her and you won’t be disappointed.”