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Let us help you transform your social media.

Tired of chasing vanity metrics and struggling to connect with your audience on social media? Welcome to Focus Creative, where we ditch the algorithms and focus on what truly matters: building brands that resonate, engage, and drive real results.

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Let us help you authentically reach your audience with engaging content.

Most companies mistakenly use stock or low quality images to showcase their business. Your business is a reflection of you - your hopes, your dreams, your visions. If you invest a lot of time and effort in creating photos, videos, and copy for your business, or if you’ve ever wondered if your content is working for you, you’re in the right place. We help you by creating compelling photos and video you can use in your business marketing efforts so the world sees your business as it really is. 

The Social Club

Want to still be in control of what your posts say, but need help with creating content and knowing what to post? The Social Club might be for you.

Social Media Management

Want us to do it all for you? From strategy, to creating all of your photos and video, to posting, we can execute and manage your social media for you so you can focus on building your business.

Social media is more than just doing a few posts each month. We help you develop a custom strategy that meets your ideal customer where they love to hang out online.

Focus Creative believes that social media should be about building meaningful relationships and driving real business results, not just chasing likes and follows. We are committed to helping small businesses tell their unique stories and create thriving online communities.

Offering professional social media services including content creation, strategy, and account management for your brand. 

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Connect with a Focus Creative Photographer and start posting authentically in 4 easy steps. Here’s how we do it.


It’s time to create a custom social media strategy for your business.

tell us about your project.


Let us know about your social media needs before our discovery call.

choose a package & date


Select the package that works best for your budget and content needs along with a day and time that works for you



Based on your location and photo/video needs, get paired with a Focus Photographer who will best serve your project.

connect with your audience


Relax knowing your custom photos, images, and social media strategy are helping you reach your ideal audience.

Tell us about your project, so you can focus on running your business and have peace of mind knowing the compelling content we create are made to reach your ideal audience.

Do you struggle to know what to post?

Is your Instagram feed in line with your brand?

Are you tired of using stock photos to sell your product or service?

Do you have Difficulty finding unique ideas that resonate with your target audience.

Overwhelmed by the pressure to stay on top of trends?

Discouraged by low engagement?

Feeling lost in the sea of social media noise and competition?

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A different approach. A focused approach.

Many small businesses struggle to stand out on social media, often feeling overwhelmed by the demands of content creation, algorithm changes, and engagement metrics.  If you're one of these businesses, you're probably craving authentic connection with your audience but are often distracted by vanity metrics and the pressure to keep up with trends.

Focus Creative offers a content-first approach to social media, starting with crafting compelling visuals and stories that resonate with your target audience. We develop custom strategies that leverage the right mix of social media platforms, tailored to your business' unique needs and goals. We provide both full management services and also have an option that empowers you, giving clients the option to choose the level of support that best suits them.

We help small businesses ditch the noise and build brands that matter.


What People Are Saying About Focus Creative®

“I have had the privilege of working on multiple projects with Kassady. She is amazing to work with. She approaches each project with the big picture in mind and what the client needs as well as future uses of assets!’

- alissa p.

“Wonderful to work with! Very creative and professional and mindful of your company budget as well. I highly recommend.”

- angie w.

“Kassady is wonderful to work with. She is flexible, creative, and talented! We have enjoyed working with her over the years!”

- julie k.

“I’ve worked with Kassady for about 5 years in a wide variety of clients. She is a true professional. She delivers great images on time and within budget. She’s flexible and easy to work with.”

-michael b.

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