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Focus Creative is here to help.

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The Extras

We care about your business and want to help you succeed. If there is something else you’re needing, just ask. We are happy to help you how we can.  A few of our extra options include Talent Acquisition and Location Scouting!


Need to tell your story in a real and authentic way? Focus Creative creates compelling video for your business from b-roll to commercials. We can't wait to hear what you want to tell the world.


From food photography to personal branding to full blown commercial photoshoots, Focus Creative can help you bring your idea to life. We offer full day, half day, and ongoing content creation for your business.

We know using stock photos is easy, but they don’t show the real you. focus creative is here to help.

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We create an image library of professional photos and curate photos you already have. Plus, you have the opportunity to add new images monthly so you always have fresh content.

product photography


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We help you establish a professional style and color palette in line with your brand, so your images always look consistent.

food photography


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Focus Creative offers a variety of professional commercial and brand photography including portraits, product photography, food photography, industrial photography, and more. Whether you're a business or personal brand, we bring your business to life with stunning images.

lifestyle brand photography


Types of Photography Focus Offers

photography for all of your marketing needs

Ways to use your custom photos and video: 

Check and see if any of these apply to you...

Do you need updated pictures for your website?

Does your company share photos on social media?

Do you need photos for annual reports?

Do you want to enhance your personal brand?

Do you want to show off your space with virtual tour?

Hi, I'm Kassady.

I was tired of delivering galleries to my clients only to find out the ones we took didn't resonate with their audience and drive sales, so I created the Focus Creative model that transformed how I do photography. Now I’m excited to share this proven method with you.

the creator of the Focus Creative® business model.

Companies constantly need new and great looking content. At Focus Creative, we help you create a custom library of professional images so you are always ready to show off your business. You can’t tell your story with low quality images from your smartphone and stock photos don’t always cut it. Your business deserves better. It's not just about taking pictures. We help you develop a custom image library that meets your marketing needs.

pictures tell stories. we help make yours great.

Know what photos you need on your website?

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Learn what photos you need on your website to attract your ideal customer.

Our Process

Tell us about your project.

Connect with a Focus Creative photographer to discuss
your project in detail.

We'll schedule and plan
your photoshoot.

Start using your custom, on-brand images to attract
your ideal audience.

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What Makes Focus Creative So Different?

The Focus Creative method is revolutionary because it helps you create a cohesive look across all your marketing efforts. Plus, we have years of marketing experience. Hundreds of companies have improved their image online and in print using Focus Creative images and video. But, how can you know if you are ready? The answer - give us a call and let’s chat. Our main goal is to make sure you are successful.

What you get when working with us:

Focus Creative Photographers focus on commercial photography and videography to help your company tell their story in a more effective way. Through creating a custom library of media content, your business will always have photos that make them look great.  

Art Direction

In-depth Brand Evaluation

Top-notch Equipment

Location Scouting

Stunning Images
& Compelling Video

Model / Talent Acquisition

Usage Rights

Online Image Gallery

And more!

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