How to choose the right images for your website

Do you know how to choose the right image for your website? Many businesses struggle to find the right photos to use that will resonate with their viewer and tell them in an instant what their company is all about. And … even if the picture meets those attributes, is it a technically good image and on point with the company brand?



It’s a lot harder than it seems to find the perfect imageS for your website.

Here are a few things I consider when helping my clients select with image selection:

Is the quality of the image good enough for your website?

This question is worded a little funny, but it’s 100% accurate. Different brands are going to need various quality of images. Larger polished brands like Madewell or Nike are going to use bright, crisp, professional images to represent their brand power and the quality of their products; whereas, a small non-profit might actually want to use less quality photos because looking too polished could possibly deter future donors if they  look like they have it all together.

This also goes for varying types of businesses, the size of the business, the industry, and how the images are used.

Regardless the stage of your business, you’ll want to make sure the image you select is technically a good image. One that you are proud to share. Which brings me to the next point…


Will the photo resonate with your ideal customer?

Your ultimate goal as a business is to connect with your customers, clients, patients, so it’s obvious you would want the image you are using to resonate you ideal audience. You would be surprised though how many companies use photos that really have nothing to do with their business or ideal customer.

For instance, have you ever seen a financial planner’s website, and it has a picture of the city where they are based? Of course you have.

So many companies use this method.

As a storyteller wanting to help this guy resonate with his potential client, I would tell him to consider using images of people who have achieved financial success. Isn’t that what a customer wants in a financial planner? Yes location is important, but that should not drive your hero image of your website – or any image on your homepage for that matter. Contact page, yes! Home page, no!

Are the colors of the photograph on brand?

Okay, we’ve figured out how to resonate with our customers with technically beautiful images, but we have one more question to ask.

Is the photograph on brand?

Does the image have the colors, look, feel you want to portray about your business? This is such a simple thing on paper, but it can be really hard to capture in an image. It’s important to consider these things prior to your photoshoot, so you can consider locations and props that will lend itself to the look and feel you want in your photos.


Is there anything else you should consider when choosing photos for your website?

Of course! There are so many considerations, but here are a few quick design tips to make sure your website is looking on point.

Is there room for copy / text on your image?

With website design, it’s important to have white space or room to add text on your image, especially for your hero image. You won’t want to do this throughout, but for your main images this is really important. Look for images to use that have free space for your text to breathe.

Does the image portray the story you are telling?

What are you trying to tell your viewer? Make sure the photo you are using goes along with your text and quickly tells the person what you’re trying to say … or at least grabs their attention.

Are all the images on your site cohesive?

Planned professional photoshoots are a great way to ensure your photos are cohesive throughout your site. When you start pairing old and new images together with different looks, it can cause distraction in the design.

Do you need help CREATING PHOTOS for your website or other marketing collateral?

If so, we are here to help. We’ve helped hundreds of companies visually tell their story on their website and digital marketing campaigns. We know what works and can help guide you to a beautiful and successful website.

You took a lot of time to find exactly the right thing to say on your website. Don’t let us fall short by using the wrong photos.

Contact us today! We can’t wait to help you.

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