How to use photos for your business in 2019

We are loving some of the latest trends out there when it comes to photography, and cannot wait to see you implement some of them with your custom photos.

Marketing your business on social media is where things are moving, and knowing how to utilize your custom library of photos to create engaging, on-trend content is key.

To help you know where to start with this process, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite 2019 online social media marketing trends for your business.


Scheduling your content

We love helping our clients plan their social media feeds using the images we create for them. This helps them create a cohesive brand look across all platforms. The way we do this and stay on brand is by using a scheduling app like Later, Plann, Tailwind, or Planoly.

Each month, we sit down with each client to discuss trends, what’s coming up in their business, reasons to celebrate, and any other hot topics we want to promote for the month. Then, we develop a shot list, knock out the photoshoot, and I curate and design my clients instagram feed using the scheduling app that works best for each client.


Example of Instagram grid design created by Focus Creative for Birch Tree Day Spa located in Hoover, Alabama

Example of Instagram grid design created by Focus Creative for Birch Tree Day Spa located in Hoover, Alabama

Animated Stories

More and more people are spending their time on social in stories. By creating animated stories, you’re able to show off your company in an engaging way.

Animated stories could include you personally doing video to creating animated videos utilizing your custom photos.

The Instories app allows you to add beautiful text & artwork to photos. This is one of our go to tools when creating story content for our clients.


Videos are all the rage and will continue to increate in popularity each year. Better to go ahead and embrace this trend! According to Later, when it comes to visual content, nothing compares to the rise in popularity of video content. Video now generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined on social!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate photos into your videos and ways you can make the most impact with them:

  • Animate your photos by putting them into video.

  • Use your photos to feature collections of your products or services.

  • Add video subtitles to stop people in their tracks. Most people watch videos with the sound off.

Here is a video we created for ourselves over here at Focus Creative to showcase the image library we created for Freedom Soap Co. Utilizing text with the animated photos allowed us to create a video that will show off our work and catch those watching that are watching with no sound.

The main thing is to plan ahead.

As with all marketing, being ahead of the game and having a clear direction for your brand image and content will help you stand out. By scheduling your content, implementing a strategic grid design, and adding animated stories and videos to your portfolio, your business can stand out from the competition.

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