Birch Tree Day Spa Commercial, Headshot, Brand, and Product Photography – Hoover, Alabama

When Dawn came to me in 2019, she was about to launch a new spa in the community of Ross Bridge located in Hoover, Alabama. Since I lived there at the time, I was stoked! Once she opened, I was blown away by the beauty and professionalism of her practice.

Fast forward to 2021, Birch Tree Day Spa has served thousands of men and women, and it was such an honor to be their content creator while I lived there.

Over the course of a year and a half, we created a library of images for her to use throughout her marketing materials that she’ll be able to use for years to come. Now she has headshots of her employees, branded photos of her business and the products she carries, and lifestyle imagery to use for any special occasion from a day out with friends to a special couples massage at Valentine’s Day.

One of the biggest reasons we wanted to create custom images for them is because spa photos are known to be super cheesy. You know what I’m talking about! If an orchid was going to be in these, it was going to be elegant, not laying on someone’s back. I hope you love the way they turned out as much as we did!

Preview of Birch Tree Day Spa’s Image Library


Headshots are a great way to show off your employees and help your audience get to know you before they even walk in the door.

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Branded Images

Birch Tree used (and still uses) their branded images throughout their website, social media, and print collateral. By having images unique to their spa, people know what to expect and what the experience will be like when they book their facial or massage appointment.

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Girl’s Day Out

This was such a fun shoot to show off one of Birch Tree’s most popular requests. They host groups for bachelorette parties, showers, and just because. Call early so you can get your girl’s day planned next time you’re in Birmingham!

Holiday Photography

Holidays are such a great way for Birch Tree to sell spa packages, gift cards, and products, so we really focused on making sure they had great imagery for each holiday. You’ll notice a lot of these could be used for multiple holidays. For instance, the image of the couple could be used to promote Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or Mother’s / Father’s Days. By incorporating you brand colors and fonts with your photos, you can take them to the next level and drive home your messaging to increase sales and bookings.

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Location Imagery

Photos of your location are a must. They are particularly sexy, but they help your potential customers know exactly what they are walking into and if they are in the right place. I recommend using location images on your Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Yelp listings. If there isn’t much distraction in the image (i.e., other businesses or busy backgrounds), you could use on your website as well. Images like the second one that are more abstract are great to use in your social feeds if it fits your brand colors.

Product Photography

Yes, the spa is all about massages, waxing, and facials, but the products they take home with them help them stay connected to your business and make a nice upsell for your business. These photos were a great way to start the conversation around different products and how they can help vs just saying “buy this product”.

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In a spa, services are the bread & butter of your business, so it makes sense to feature all the things you can do. We worked with a variety of models and current customers to create those non-cheesy photos so people would know what to expect for each type of massage or facial. And speaking of services, if you go to Birch Tree, make sure to get a massage with Sarah (pictured second – she’s a miracle worker) and a Hydrafacial + Dermaplaning with Dawn. You will not be dissapointed.


How We Used Their Images on Social Media

One of my favorite transformations we did for Dawn’s business was seeing her Instagram feed change from random photos and graphics to a beautiful, on-brand, curated feed.

A curated feed is so important because…

  • Your audience will know they are seeing YOUR posts and not just some other day spa.

  • Your audience will get a feel of what the experience will be like when they work with your business.

Here is their before & after:

INSTAGRAM GRID COMPARISON for birch tree day spa by focus creative.png

Talk about a huge difference!

A curated grid isn’t a must when it comes to social media, but it sure does make a huge difference when it comes to brand recognition and gaining followers on your account. Plus, it helps with brand recognition since they are seeing curated images across all of your digital platforms including social media, website, and search.

Do you need help creating a library of images for your business?

If so, we can help! We work with all types of businesses and brands from day spas to railroad manufacturing companies.

We take your everyday and turn them into beautiful pictures that connect with your audience.

We use our years of audit and finance experience to dig into the analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

We look at conversion rates, engagement rates, and so much more to understand what your potential customers like to see.

We are more than just taking pretty pictures.

I’ve had the entrepreneurial bug since a kid when I helped my dad hammer nails into his independent pharmacy he opened in 1984. I understand what it takes to run a business and want nothing but the best for everyone else who is crazy enough as we are to go down this path! 🙂

Click on the button below to tell me about your project and let’s see if we are a good fit! I can’t wait to see if I can help!

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