Carriage House Brand and Portrait Photography – Decatur, Alabama

There is no place quite like the Carriage House — a distinctive’ women’s boutique located in the Historic Downtown district of Decatur, Alabama. Women travel from all over to shop their latest looks, and men know exactly where to turn when it’s their wife’s birthday or their anniversary.

Over the last year, I’ve had the honor to help them grow their online presence and create photos to highlight their talented staff.

Why are headshots so important?

Whether you need one professional headshot for LinkedIn or you are an influencer needing to create a collection of branded images, Focus Creative can help. We specialize in portrait photography that shows off the real you. A person’s headshot is many times the first interaction they have with someone. So much for in-person first impressions! Make your first impression a good one with professional pictures.

How do you know when you need a new headshot?

A good rule of thumb is to refresh our headshot every two years. You want your image to be current. Ask yourself these questions to see if you need a new one:

  • Have you cropped yourself out of another photo with family or friends?

  • Is your headshot over 3 years old?

  • Does the outfit you’re wearing in your headshot reflect your current job / industry?

  • Do you have a high resolution version of your headshot?

  • Do you love your headshot?

  • Do you have a headshot?

What should you wear for headshots?

Your industry and how you’ll use your photos will drive what you should ultimately wear, but here are a few good rules of thumb on what to wear for your headshots:

  • Simple colors and subtle patterns usually look best on everyone

  • Choose pieces in your brand color palette

  • Avoid clothes that are worn-out or too casual

  • Choose clothes that are flattering

  • Choose clothes that are more fitted / avoid really baggy clothes

When in doubt, bring multiple outfits, and we can try each to see what looks best on you in camera.

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