Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app?

Have you heard??? Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app.

This has been coming for a while, and personally, I’m super excited about it.

Here’s what he had to say on June 30th:

Changes are coming to video on Instagram ?

At Instagram we’re always trying to build new features that help you get the most out of your experience. Right now we’re focused on four key areas: Creators, Video, Shopping and Messaging.— Adam Mosseri ? (@mosseri) June 30, 2021

Then on July 14th, he said followed up this video with:

This is an accurate take on what we’re doing. To be clear, we’re not abandoning photos or photo creators and artists. We’re looking at new ways to entertain people. Video is a big part of that, but so are photos.— Adam Mosseri ? (@mosseri) July 7, 2021

Here’s why I’m excited that Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing app:

1. We’ll be able to reach more people.

With Reels, IGTV Videos, and Stories, you can reach more people and reach your existing audience on a deeper level.

  • Stories are a great way to connect with your current audience on a personal level and give them a sneak peek into your daily life.
  • IGTV Videos are a great way to dive deep on topics and collaborate with other accounts.
  • Reels are a great way to reach people you would have never connected with normally.
graphic of 3 phones with blog post graphics and a title that says how to reach more people on instagram

2. There are more ways to engage with our audience.

Now you can engage with your audience in a new way. You can still use photos and graphics to connect, but video will allow you to connect on a deeper level.

3. Other features are going to be highlighted.

For my retail and e-commerce companies, get excited! They are really going to start featuring the shopping features. You can now let your customers shop through Lives and it will be super important to have great looking photos that stand out from the competition. There will also be enhanced features on Messaging giving you an opportunity to talk with your customers and potential customers one-on-one.

Just because it’s no longer JUST a photo sharing app doesn’t mean that photos are going away! Now we have the opportunity to show up in a variety of ways!

Kassady Gibson

Key Takeaways

Photos aren’t going anywhere, but now it’s important to show up in video as well.

Photos will be more important than ever for retail & e-commerce businesses.

Now is your chance to show up and really connect with your audience!

This is a great way to bring social back to social media!

Here’s How Focus Creative Can Help:

We’ve always offered video as an option with our photoshoots, but now short form video and b-roll will be a part of our photoshoots to give you lots of great content to work with.

Ready to start building a photo and video library you love? Contact us to get started.

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