How to get great industrial headshots

Looking for tips on how to take better headshots for the industrial sector? We’ve got you covered! But first, a little background on why I love working in this field.

I grew up in South Alabama in the middle of the Bible Belt which means there is a paper company on almost every corner. There are the big paper mills, truck drivers, down to the pulp mills. Plus, my mom worked at one of the paper mills, so I grew up appreciating what it took to make the things we take for granted … like paper towels. During one summer in college, I got a chance to work there alongside some of the mill parents kids. I made some great relationships, learned how to drive a tractor, and fell in love with the people that work there everyday.

The industrial sector of the economy includes companies that make finished products and employ some of the most hard working, down to earth people you’ve ever met. This is why I love working with my construction, manufacturing, and industrial equipment clients.

If you’re a photographer or company trying to figure this out on your own, here are a few of my favorite tips on getting great headshots of your industrial clients:


Industrial clients primarily work in the field and if they aren’t hands on, they are close by. I always like to shoot my clients on location where they normally work to show the real them. It allows you to showcase their field or product as well.


In case you haven’t already guessed, most folks in this industry aren’t used to having their picture taken. I normally spend 30 minutes or so hanging out with everyone. One thing that has worked well is to have the company bring in lunch, so you can meet everyone ahead of time. We get to know each other, laugh, and have a good time. Then when it’s time to take pictures, everyone is nice and relaxed. If you don’t get a chance to spend time with them ahead of them, taking time to learn about each person’s job is a great way to help ease them into picture time.


With most industrial clients I’ve worked with, we have been on-site in a warehouse. I like to utilize the natural light and get the person to stand where they are in indirect, even lighting. If you are outdoors, find the shade. If you are in full sun and cannot find shade, position your subject with the sun behind them. Also, use the person’s face to meter to ensure correct exposure.

Taking industrial headshots on location is a great way to showcase the person you’re photographing along with the industry and business.

If all this sounds too much or if you’d rather spend your time making things, then let me come take care of this for you. I even have steel toed boots and a hard hat.

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