How to Find the Right Location for Your Next Brand Photo & Video Session

Have you ever seen an ad while scrolling through Facebook that immediately caught your attention and you bought something so fast before your even realized what you were doing?

Welcome to the dynamic universe of small business marketing, where visual content reigns supreme. Whether you’re a local Fairhope small business owner, located along the Gulf Coast, or somewhere else in this great country of ours, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the electrifying impact of awe-inspiring visuals.

Personal brand photography, product snapshots, and captivating videos – they’re the superstars of your marketing game. But how do you unlock the secrets to nailing that perfect shot every time? Well, you’re in for a treat because it all starts with one fundamental step – finding the perfect location.

On a mission to showcase your products in their best light? Or perhaps you’re set on weaving together a captivating visual narrative that brings your brand’s story to life? No matter what your goals are for shooting images or video, the right setting is key. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of finding the perfect location to create compelling content that aligns with your brand’s identity and captures the hearts of your customers.

Picture-Perfect Branding: Seven Pointers for Selecting Your Ideal Photoshoot Location

In the realm of brand photography and video, location is not just a backdrop – it’s an integral part of your visual storytelling. When it comes to finding the dream location for your brand photoshoot, there’s much more than meets the eye. Let’s delve into the art of location scouting, shall we?

1. Style Sync: Match Location to Brand’s Vibe

Every brand has its own distinct style, and your chosen location should be a natural extension of it. Are you channeling modern sophistication or embracing a down-to-earth rustic charm? Delve deep into your brand’s essence and seek out locations that effortlessly resonate with its spirit. The aim? To make every frame a living embodiment of the genuine and unparalleled spirit that defines your brand.

Image taken by Focus Creative photographer, Kassady Gibson, for Saraland Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Image taken by Focus Creative photographer, Kassady Gibson, for Saraland Chamber of Commerce featuring P.S. Taco. All rights reserved.

2. Meaningful Spots: Infuse Authenticity into Visuals

Sometimes, there’s more to a place than just its physical attributes. Your business might share an intimate bond with a particular spot in Fairhope or the surrounding Gulf Coast. Whether it’s where you embarked on this journey or a spot laden with sentimental memories, weaving these locales into your imagery infuses authenticity into your brand’s narrative. This authenticity doesn’t merely resonate; it forges a profound connection between your brand and your audience, painting a picture of genuineness and trustworthiness.

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3. Theme Discovery: Uncover Recurrent Visual Motifs

Gather a curated selection of your most cherished images from various sources, whether they’re photographs, artwork, or even snippets from magazines. Analyze these visuals closely to discern any recurring themes, styles, or aesthetics that consistently strike a chord with you and your brand. By identifying these common threads, you’ll gain valuable insight into the visual language that best represents your brand, making it easier to pinpoint locations that harmonize with your distinctive theme and messaging.

Image taken by Focus Creative photographer, Kassady Gibson, for Studio 08 Event Planner, Sherry Pierce

4. Indoor vs. Outdoor: Choose Settings Wisely

Contemplate whether your brand photoshoot should unfold indoors or amidst the great outdoors. Each option comes with distinct advantages and considerations. Indoors offer precise control over lighting, ensuring consistency. Meanwhile, outdoor settings can introduce the captivating allure of natural beauty, lending an authentic touch to your visuals. Make this choice mindfully, as it will profoundly influence the mood and message of your brand imagery.

Image taken by Focus Creative photographer, Kassady Gibson, for Judge Roy Bean Spirits

5. Color Cohesion: Align with Brand’s Palette

The location you select should effortlessly integrate your brand’s color palette and overall aesthetic. This symbiotic relationship between location and brand elements not only ensures visual coherence but also projects a level of professionalism that resonates through every image and video, strengthening your brand’s identity and leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Image taken by Focus Creative photographer, Kassady Gibson, for Fairhope Juice Company

6. Group Dynamics: Fit All While Maintaining Ambiance

Consider the logistics of your shoot. If your vision includes multiple individuals, your chosen location must comfortably accommodate the entire team while preserving the intended ambiance. Ensuring everyone fits harmoniously within the frame is essential to capture cohesive and authentic visuals that align with your brand’s narrative. So, factor in headcount when selecting the perfect location for your brand photo and video session.

Image taken by Focus Creative photographer, Kassady Gibson, for Salon Coral. All rights reserved.

7. Versatility Wins: Get Diverse Shots in One Location

Versatility is key. Look for locations that offer a range of settings within close proximity. This way, you can achieve diverse shots without needing to relocate frequently. From indoor coziness to outdoor vistas, having a variety of backdrops at your fingertips adds depth and dynamism to your visual narrative, making each shot a unique chapter in your brand’s captivating story.

Keep in mind, finding the perfect location for your brand photoshoot is an art in itself. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about aligning your location with your brand’s style, story, and values. Remember, the right location serves as the canvas upon which you paint your brand’s narrative. So, take your time, explore your options, and let your chosen location amplify the visual impact of your brand.

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Why Your Small Business Needs Great Visuals

Now that we’ve laid the foundation for selecting the perfect location, it’s time to explore why visuals are not just supplementary but indispensable for your business. The latest insights from a Crowdriff report beautifully illustrate just how influential visuals can be when it comes to shaping consumer behavior:

  • A whopping 67% of product users shine a spotlight on the pivotal role images play in steering their purchase decisions, reinforcing the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Images take precedence over ratings and reviews for a substantial 53% of consumers when assessing products or services.

  • The integration of video content on a landing page can lead to an impressive 86% surge in conversion rates, highlighting the potential of dynamic media.

  • Including photographs alongside menu items results in a remarkable 30% increase in orders, demonstrating the appetite-stimulating power of visuals in restaurant marketing.

  • Visual representation in local search results holds sway over 60% of consumers, making it a key factor in their consideration of businesses.

  • While a mere 10% of verbally received information endures after three days, coupling relevant information with an image elevates retention to an impressive 65% over the same period, reinforcing the enduring impact of visual memory.

Talk about impactful insights! These compelling figures not only drive the point home but also underscore the remarkable potential of captivating visuals. They’re not just about engagement; they’re about upping your conversion game and etching your brand’s identity in the fiercely competitive arena of small business marketing.

Elevate Your Brand’s Visual Story with Focus Creative

At Focus Creative, located in the heart of Fairhope and serving the Eastern Shore and Gulf Coast, we understand the significance of capturing your brand’s essence through personalized and visually stunning imagery. Whether you’re looking for personal brand or product photography, we’ve got you covered.

Our expert team not only specializes in crafting images that tell your unique story but also in helping you select the perfect location for your photoshoot. We offer location-scouting services to ensure that every aspect of your photoshoot aligns with your brand’s identity.

Contact us today to elevate your visual marketing game and create brand imagery that leaves a lasting impact. Remember, the right location setting can make all the difference in showcasing your brand’s story and attracting your target audience. Let Focus Creative help you make that difference.

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