Setting the scene for your products

Consumers want to know how your product or service fits into their already packed life, so we work with Peak Season a few times a year to help them develop a library of images to showcase their gorgeous outdoor furniture and accessories in everyday settings.

We work together to scout locations that will allow us to shoot several scenes while we are there. They do all the styling, and Focus Creative takes all the pictures. They use these images for social media, their website, for wholesale vendors, and my favorite, their catalog.

Here is a little preview of some of the work we’ve created for them.


Inside cover of the 2019 Peak Season catalog featuring a Focus Creative photo

Details matter when it comes to product photography

Details matter when it comes to product photography


Catalog layout featuring their outdoor adjustable stools and teak tables


Peak Season collaborated with CountryLiving to create rocking chairs with cup holders. The perfect rocking chair for every front porch.

Details are so important when doing product photography – even when it’s a lifestyle inspired shoot. Customers research their products now more than ever and want to know exactly what they are getting. We love this little detail on the CountryLiving rocking chair created by Peak Season. Everyone needs a cup holder on their rocking chair!


CountryLiving rocking chair cup holder


How to photograph for web use

During these shoots, the images we capture will be used in a variety of ways. Another one of those is for the Peak Season website and their merchants websites. Plus, they could use for social or advertising purposes as well. It’s important to remember to shoot wide to give the web designer space to use the photos in a variety of aspect ratios.


About Peak Season Outdoor Products

Peak Season is a wholesale outdoor furniture and accessories manufacturer based in Birmingham, Alabama. Their customers include high-end boutiques to Sam’s Club. Peak Season gives you a focused variety of design and lifestyle options – comfortable “indoor” like deep-seating groups, outdoor fire pit conversation groups, and outdoor gathering sets to complement any décor. They strive to define and lead the market with growth into the future in the area of fine outdoor casual furnishings and items for the entire outdoor living marketplace. To learn more about Peak Season and where you can purchase their products, visit

Are you a wholesale company in need of a commercial product photographer?

We are here to help. We work with companies all over the Southeast, but if you can ship it to us, then we can shoot it.



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