Are your images up to speed?

How long do you think people will sit and wait for you website to load? If you said not long, you are 100% correct. The average person will only wait 3 seconds max for a site to load and after that they are usually on to the next thing.

In a recent article by Risa Wexler, Head of Pfizer’s Media Lab, on Google’s Think With Google platform, she discussed the importance of load time and speed. She went as far to say that “Any new images or functionality that we introduce into a site can’t blow our “speed budget.” We’re ruthless with this, and often it means something else has to go.”

Having great images that effectively communicate what you are wanting to say is so important on your website.

They discuss how the primary goal of patients is to get back to normal as quickly as possible, so they outline a few things to consider when speeding up your site load times:

  1. Invest in experiences from the inside out.

  2. Identify your “speed budget”.

  3. Get serious about mobile design and accessibility.

  4. Understand mobile’s role in the patient’s experience.

It’s not only about the size of the image, but about the number of images you are using on your site. Don’t drive away customers with images that slow down your site and aren’t effectively communicating your message.

If you have a clear understanding of your messaging and how you want your current and potential customers to feel when they interact with your site, it allows you select images that will resonate best with the viewer and most accurately reflect your brand.

The StoryBrand process is a great starting point to help you clarify what you are saying to your customers, if you’re struggling with your overall message.

By prioritizing mobile speed, we’re able to get more information to more patients to help them more quickly navigate their own health care.

— Risa Wexler Head of Pfizer’s Media Lab

Read the full article on Think With Google.

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