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The culture of a business is a huge driver in its success. One thing I can tell you about working with the folks over at Keysys this past year is they have one of the best corporate cultures I’ve ever seen. They are kind. They are genuine. They truly love taking care of their clients and their vendors.

You see, we started chatting about building a custom library of images for them while I was still in Birmingham back in the Fall of 2019. My monthly recurring photography package was perfect for them since they were in need of a lot of content for social media posts, pitch decks, their website, proposals, and other marketing needs. The plan was to focus on various areas of the business to develop a complete view of the business, so they would always have the right photo no matter what type of content they were creating.

January and February of 2020, we were off to a great start, then Covid-19 hit.

We pushed back a few months, then slowly started scheduling shoots and doing them in a safe manner when we felt comfortable and figured out a safe solution for everyone.

Here are a few photos from our most recent photoshoot located at Forge in downtown Birmingham, AL.


At a time when people are questioning the credibility of their information sources, it’s important for brands to be authentic–and this includes their photography.

Being authentic is so important – especially right now.

Afterall, people love people, and the more they see you, the more they get to know you and the heart behind your business. Getting a glimpse into the day to day of your business helps potential customers feel more at ease with you – just like you feel more at ease when you see great food photos a restaurant posts and gorgeous lobby photos that a doctor’s office posts.

One of my favorite ways Keysys used some of the images we created over the last year is by making a video, so people interested in working with them can get to know them better. Take a look:


Sometimes it makes sense to do a big 1 day photoshoot to capture a lot of photos for your brand. This makes sense for many startups who need a lot of images all at once or for a business who doesn’t have a lot of content and needs a boost to get their content marketing strategy going.

For a business who is continually posting and creating content, ongoing sessions allow me to work with your business on a deeper level to understand your needs better, use analytics to understand what your potential customers like and don’t like (yes, ex-derivative account here who loves to dig into the numbers ?), and help you develop a smart / strategic content marketing strategy. Plus, you get a lot more photos and a better variety of photos so your business as a whole is better represented.

For instance, we were able to capture the following aspects of their multi-faceted business:

  • Project life cycle,

  • Leadership team,

  • Culture,

  • Sales process,

  • Custom stock type photos relevant to their business (i.e., keysys swag, cups, computers, etc.),

  • and a lot more.


KEYSYS was born from a loyal friendship and common frustration of software companies’ lack of transparency and commitment to their clients’ needs. So with the determination to build a lifestyle company that values their team and listens to their clients, KEYSYS was formed. Our focus is on our clients’ successes, and has been since our founding in 2007. Our clients include startups, enterprise companies, and nonprofits from across the country. We pride ourselves on quality code and value in our consultation. Each of our solutions begins with a unique plan with your personal business goals in mind. Our method of software development is customizable, scalable, and keeps our clients’ needs front and center.

If you’re ever in the market for custom software, visit to learn more about this wonderful company. I highly recommend!


Meet Kassady,

Focus Creative


& Professional Photographer

Hi! I’m Kassady Gibson – former derivative account turned professional photographer. My unconventional path to marketing has lead me to helping hundreds of businesses develop a library of images along with getting them online with the Grow with Google initiative.

I always wanted to be a photographer as a child and am so honored I’m getting to live my dream job.

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