10 Ways to Use Your Branding Photos

Are you confused about how you can use photos to promote your business and drive sales?

Perhaps you’re wondering if they are worth the investment. 

In our experience, they are 100% worth it. Successful small business owners are the ones who focus on building a brand — not just selling stuff. 

10 ways to use your brand photos when marketing your business

Read on for 10 tips on how and where to use your branding photos to help your business flourish. 

1. Update Your Profile Pic Across all Platforms

People love getting to know the people they’re buying from. In an online world, your profile pic is how you put a face to your name. Keeping this current is a key element to your customer’s ability to feel a connection with you. 

2. Create Pinterest Graphics to Drive Traffic to Your Website

With 431 million monthly active users, Pinterest is still very much alive and well. This makes it an excellent source of traffic for your business. 

High-quality business photography helps you stand out among the sea of other businesses vying for your customers’ attention. 

3. Update Your Product Photos 

Accurate product photos are a must for making sales. When people are shopping online, they can’t touch your product — the photos and the description is all they have. Most people don’t read every little word but they will pore over images to make purchasing decisions. 

Use your branding photos to update your product photos on your website, Amazon, Etsy, or wherever you’re trying to make sales. 

4. Liven up Your Email Signature

You could have a boring old email signature with just your name and basic information. But wouldn’t it be better for your smiling face to appear next to it? 

It makes you more memorable — and makes you seem like a real person, not some email bot.

5. Use Them on Your Business Cards

Struggling with what to put on your business cards? Even in a digital age, these little cards are crucial for connecting with people. 

Designing business cards can be tricky. There needs to be enough about your business on them to make you memorable but it’s easy to overwhelm that little space with too much stuff. 

Branding images that accurately represent your brand are a big help when designing your cards.

6. Plan Your Instagram Grid

A whopping 58% of Instagram’s 1.3 million daily active users say they get more interested in a brand after seeing an Instagram story. 

If your audience is active on Instagram, you need to be too. Stories, Reels, Instagram shopping features and more make it easy for you to connect with customers. 

Use your branding photos to fill your Instagram grid with fresh content. Tools like Later help you keep the grid cohesive by allowing you to plan out how it looks.

7. Update the Covers on Your Social Platforms

Catchy cover photos on your social media platforms are also important. They are the first thing a customer sees when they check out your profile after one of your posts catches their eye. 

Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest give you a great space to make a fabulous first impression. Use it!

8. Update Your Website Hero Images

How long has your website looked exactly the same? Completely redesigning your website every few months is unnecessary and probably counterproductive. However, refreshing the hero images brings new life to your website without confusing customers with a brand new look.

9. Write a Blog Post and Talk about Your Experience

The brand photography experience itself is a great idea for a blog post. People are interested in what you’re doing behind the scenes to run your small business. 

Write about your photoshoot experience and use the opportunity to chat about the products or services that you offer. Use your branding images to complement the story and bring life to your words.

10. Create Cohesive Canva Templates

Wondering how to create cohesion on your website and social media platforms? Your branding photos are the perfect place to start. Upload them to a design program like Canva and use the templates to create a cohesive brand and show your customers what you’re all about. 

When Should You Update Your Photos?

How often do you need brand photography? At the bare minimum we recommend new headshots every 2 years. Your smiling face should stay up to date to remain true to what your customers expect. 

However, most small business owners will need new branding photos more often. New product images, fresh lifestyle content, and more are needed to feed the hungry social media machine. 

Are you overdue for new business photography? Contact us today to schedule your shoot and fill your feeds with stunning, on-brand imagery.

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